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England Men Team

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Steve Mills

G.M.C. (R2)


Lee Kendall

Staffordshire (R3)

Current Team Members

Wayne Gardner

Leicestershire (R8)

Matt Steeper

Humberside (R8)

Bobby Fenton

Lincolnshire (R8)

Daniel Eaton-Lees

West Midlands (R3)

Steve Bell

Gloucestershire (R5)

Wayne White

Herefordshire (R3)

Philip Malam

Cheshire (R2)

Giuseppe D'imperio

Berkshire (R7)

Aaron S. Davies

G.M.C. (R2)

Mike King

Devon (R6)

Shane Thompson

Bristol (R6)

Ben Flack

Bristol (R6)

Karl Sutton

Suffolk (R4)




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