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07.10.2021 - Interleague Finals

Teams are displayed in alphabetical order by team name. The "Check status/pay" link takes you to a new page.
If the team has been approved by the Tournament Director, a PayPal Pay Now button will appear on the new page.
Click on that and you go to a secure paypal page with the usual payment options (paypal account or credit card etc).

97 Entries ...

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Team Captain Booked People
5223AA StortfordRob Green£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.01.20209
5323ATHERTONDENNIS ORMROD£26.00 Payment Completed03.02.20201

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Team Captain Booked People
5290Battersea AWilliam Gayler£26.00 Payment Completed29.01.202019
5297Battersea CScott Heffron£26.00 Payment Completed05.02.202010
5246Bedford ABen Young£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202010
5348Bicester BTerry Steventon£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5245BiggleswadeGuy Rider£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202010
5224Bishops Stortford AcesSimon Brace£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.01.202010
5338BlackwaterPAUL J. BROGAN£26.00 Payment Completed23.01.20209
5337Blackwater ComptonPAUL TURNER£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010
5623Braintree LegendsLloyd Horner£26.00 Payment Completed1
5613Bramley VillagersROBERT JOHNSON£26.00 Payment Completed
5455Brighton ADEAN TORODE£26.00 Payment Completed22.02.20201
5249Brighton XALLAN ROBERTS£26.00 Payment Completed23.01.20209
5606Bury St EdmundsKarl Fuller£26.00 Payment Completed1

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Team Captain Booked People
5201Cambridge Snooker CentreBEN CLEMENTS£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202012
5610CANTERBURY AKevin Hildersley£26.00 Payment Completed1
5287Central Cornwall EliteAlan Bartlett£26.00 Payment Completed29.01.20200
5616Chalks a load of ballocksWilliam Carter£26.00 Payment Completed
5285Chelmsford BHAYDEN SWASH£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010
5418Chesterfield CharityDarren Mosley£26.00 Payment Completed03.02.20209
5211City of LeicesterSteve O'Connor£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202013
5286Clacton AD'sKieron Farrell£26.00 Payment Completed1
5322CLITHEROEROBERT GRANT£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.202015
5209Club 147 A LeicesterSteve Robertshaw£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20201
5279ColchesterNICK PHILLIPS£26.00 Payment Completed23.01.202010
5607Court PestsJOE HAYWOODCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5190CRAVEN ARMSAlex Pyatt£26.00 Payment Completed05.02.20201
5396Croydon AMARK HALSEY£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202012
5340Croydon BMARK HALSEY£26.00 Payment Completed23.01.202018
5330Cue & Brew KidderminsterDanny Smith£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011

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Team Captain Booked People
5247Daleys DependablesTarsem Sandhu£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202010
5609DARWEN SPITFIREMARTIN WEST£26.00 Payment Completed
5244DSC BlaggersGarry Humphries£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202010

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Team Captain Booked People
5202ELYJAMES JAMIESON£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20209

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Team Captain Booked People
5614FLEETWOODMICHAEL HOLDINGCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5359FOLKESTONE BJohn Strickland£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20209
5339Frames ReigateTOM KENNEDY£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.202012

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Team Captain Booked People
5362GRAVESHAM BTerry Nightingale£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5361GRAVESHAM CPatrick Firth£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202017

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Team Captain Booked People
5281Harlow TownMATT NADAL£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202012
5207HAVERHILLSTEVE PEREGRINE£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20200
5335Hayes & Uxbridge AMICHAEL FERGUSON£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20209
5336Hayes & Uxbridge BALAN KRUCK£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202013
5210Hinckley & DistrictJamie Ashton£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202011
5254Hove A(ctually)WAYNE DAVISCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1
5203HuntingdonBAZZA CLARK£26.00 Payment Completed27.01.202013

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Team Captain Booked People
5248Jan LeemingAndrew Curtis£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202010
5608JP's HarlowJason Brace£26.00 Payment Completed1

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Team Captain Booked People
5410Kettering TownTyrone Rees£26.00 Payment Completed1

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Team Captain Booked People
5618Leek ANick Burton£26.00 Payment Completed
5639Lennon'sBen Bennett£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.07.20211
5229Levels HuddersfieldRYAN DRIVER£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5619London CityJoe Slaughter£26.00 Payment Completed
5197Lord NelsonTommy Farrelly£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5308Lowestoft TownKeith Peck£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.202010

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Team Captain Booked People
5333Maidenhead ADYLAN LEARY£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5360MAIDSTONE AKevin David Saunders£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.20209
5310ManningtreeRichard Kenny£26.00 Payment Completed31.01.202011
5255Mid Sussex Q'SJULIE HITCHEN£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010
5280Mr PoolsJASON SHELLUM£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010

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Team Captain Booked People
5408NCPLE BGarry Francis£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20208
5301NEN SwampiesTony Wilson£26.00 Payment Completed31.01.202010
5232New Inn VetsTONY YOUNGS£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5298Norwich AAlex Lewis£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5300Norwich JestersChris Weaver£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202010
5377Notts NomadsJason Ward£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.202011
5192Nuneaton BoroughMatt EvansCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1

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Team Captain Booked People
5204Peterborough Wack UmDANI GATTO£26.00 Payment Completed23.01.20209
5196POT8s ACraig Coult£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010

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Team Captain Booked People
5628Rainbow WarriorsAslam Abubaker£26.00 Payment Completed
5637RAINHAM ALuke O'Brien£26.00 Payment Completed1
5620ROMNEY INVICTAKevin Miles£26.00 Payment Completed20.06.202110
5397RRDPL BrooklynsNICK POOL£26.00 Payment Completed03.08.202110

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Team Captain Booked People
5291S.L.K.P.A. 2Trevor Biggs£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010
5268S.L.K.P.A. 3Paul Ronald Dawson£26.00 Payment Completed05.02.202010
5228Saint Albans EliteAndrew Barker£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.01.20209
5458Sandwell SundaysCraig Johnson£26.00 Payment Completed1
5422SawleyWayne AskewCheck status/pay (if team is approved)0
5231Shelley SSCSTEVE WEATHERBY£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.202012
5518Shrewsbury PLGeorgina WilliamsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1
5392Sportman DishersMatthew Povey£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.20209
5391Sportsman all StarsSteve Mooney£26.00 Payment Completed24.01.202011
5198St Neots BDAVID SEARS£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5612Stoke LPRobert Taylor£26.00 Payment Completed1
5306Stowmarket ANick Zarkos£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010
5309Stowmarket BHarvey Ballard£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202010

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Team Captain Booked People
5238Telford APaul Waters£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.202011
5194The BEARSKian BarlowCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1

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Team Captain Booked People
5239Vantage WednesdaysSteve Williams£26.00 Payment Completed22.01.20200

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Team Captain Booked People
5289WaterlooMichael Clayton£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.202010
5615Waterlooville Sports BarMARK MONTAGUE£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)
5622WHITECLIFFS DOVER BKarl Shepherd£26.00 Payment Completed1
5640WitneyChris ChapmanCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1
5457Wolverhampton WednesdaysDean BircherCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1
5252WorthingSHAUN OSBORNE COTTINGHAM£26.00 Payment Completed25.01.20200

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Team Captain Booked People
5617YarmouthJason Ford£26.00 Payment Completed


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