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05.10.2019 - National Interleague Knock Out Cup

Teams are displayed in alphabetical order by team name. The "Check status/pay" link takes you to a new page.
If the team has been approved by the Tournament Director, a PayPal Pay Now button will appear on the new page.
Click on that and you go to a secure paypal page with the usual payment options (paypal account or credit card etc).

187 Entries ...

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Team Captain Booked People
5066AA StortfordRob Green£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)07.06.201910
4985ABH POOLANT TUNNAH£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.201918
4980Accrington PalsJOHN CORBETT£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.201910
5014ASHFORD AGary HucksteppCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5124AspatriaPaul Clarke£26.00 Payment Completed19.06.20190
4982ATHERTONDENNIS ORMRODCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
5076BAR 8David Bench£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.20199
4974Battersea AWilliam Gayler£26.00 Payment Completed07.06.201310
4972Battersea BJames Jones£26.00 Payment Completed02.07.201910
4977Battersea CScott Heffron£26.00 Payment Completed18.06.20199
5019Bedford ABen Young£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201910
5096Bicester AJohn Bland£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201910
5098Bicester BTerry Steventon£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.20190
5020BiggleswadeGuy Rider£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201916
5067Bishops Stortford AcesSimon Brace£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)07.06.201910
5131Black Country BeaversSharon JamesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5058BlackwaterPAUL J. BROGAN£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.20190
5060Blackwater ComptonPAUL TURNER£26.00 Payment Completed11.06.201910
5064Blackwater RejectsJOHN COOK£26.00 Payment Completed08.02.201911
5061Blackwater SovereignANNE TAYLORCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5037BognorGUY McQUITTY£26.00 Payment Completed07.06.20199
4998BraintreeClaire Buckley£26.00 Payment Completed17.06.201913
4994Braintree LegendsDarren Briley£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20199
5044Brighton ADEAN TORODE£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20199
5039Brighton XALLAN ROBERTS£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201911
5029Brittains PrideMichala Murray£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20196
4958BuryKarl Fuller£26.00 Payment Completed14.07.20199

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Team Captain Booked People
4947Cambridge Snooker CentreBEN CLEMENTS£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20191
5032Cannock ChaseLee Grout£26.00 Payment Completed07.06.201910
5005CANTERBURY AKevin Hildersley£26.00 Payment Completed18.06.201910
5140Central Cornwall BRyan Bilson£26.00 Payment Completed24.06.20199
5141Central Cornwall EliteAlan Bartlett£26.00 Payment Completed24.06.20199
5028Chalks a load of ballocksWilliam Carter£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201913
4995Chelmsford ASIMON COOK£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201910
4997Chelmsford BHAYDEN SWASH£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201913
5118Chesterfield CharityDarren Mosley£26.00 Payment Completed31.07.20190
5090City of LeicesterSteve O'Connor£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.20190
4990Clacton ASteve Forrest£26.00 Payment Completed19.06.20198
4996Clacton Snooker CentreClaire Chambers£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.20199
4993Clacton TownDean Mills£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201913
4984CLITHEROEROBERT GRANTCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5089Club 147 A LeicesterSteve Robertshaw£26.00 Payment Completed17.06.201911
4992ColchesterNICK PHILLIPS£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201910
5116Corn ExchangeMelanie Fernandez£26.00 Payment Completed06.07.201910
4949Court At The BarCARL WATKINS£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201912
4950Court In The MiddleJOE HAYWOOD£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20199
5077Coventry 1Craig Sturmey£26.00 Payment Completed12.06.201912
5079CRAVEN ARMSAlex Pyatt£26.00 Payment Completed03.07.201910
5031CREWESTEVEN ALMOND£26.00 Payment Completed17.07.20199
4968Cricketers ArmsCHRISTOPHER.J WALKER£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201912
5057Croydon ASTEVEN PANTONY£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201912
5059Croydon BMARK HALSEY£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201917
5063Croydon MisscuesSARAH LONGCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5099Cue & Brew KidderminsterDanny Smith£26.00 Payment Completed12.06.201911

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Team Captain Booked People
5021Daleys DependablesTarsem Sandhu£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201916
5127Darlaston InvitationalCarl ButlerCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
4983DARWEN SPITFIREMARTIN WEST£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201910
5022DSC BlaggersGarry Humphries£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201910

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Team Captain Booked People
4946ELYJAMES JAMIESON£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201916
4963Emley Moor WMCSTEVE WEATHERBY£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201911

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Team Captain Booked People
4986FLEETWOODMICHAEL HOLDING£26.00 Payment Completed27.06.201910
5056Frames ReigateTOM KENNEDY£26.00 Payment Completed17.06.201911
4976Frank SmithRon Brown£26.00 Payment Completed07.06.20191
5070Franks A LotPerry Gillett£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)08.06.201910

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Team Captain Booked People
5053Gosport AMARTIN FRENCH£26.00 Payment Completed09.07.20190
5009GRAVESHAM AJason Phillips£26.00 Payment Completed19.06.20190
5004GRAVESHAM BTerry Nightingale£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201912
5007GRAVESHAM CPatrick Firth£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201919

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Team Captain Booked People
4966Harehills LiberalsIAN GOODALL£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201910
4999Harlow TownMATT NADAL£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201912
4953HAVERHILLSTEVE PEREGRINE£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201913
5091Hinckley & DistrictJamie Ashton£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.201914
5068Hitchin Mix Up'sSelena Markevics£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)07.06.20190
5038Horsham ALEE GIBSON£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201910
5042Horsham BGEORGE SENIOR£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.20199
5041Hove A(ctually)WAYNE DAVIS£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201910
4945HuntingdonBAZZA CLARK£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.201912

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Team Captain Booked People
4954Ipswich AShaun Bardell£26.00 Payment Completed07.07.201910
4957Ipswich SharksLee Atkins£26.00 Payment Completed06.07.201911

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Team Captain Booked People
5023Jan LeemingAndrew Curtis£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201910
5065Jesters Rack AttackJamie PittamCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5000JP's HarlowPAUL TOZERCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
5148Kasbah DPLAaron P Jarman£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.20190
4964KeighleyDAVID GREENE£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201916
5027Kettering TownTyrone Rees£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.20196

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Team Captain Booked People
4981LANCASTER ADAVID ALLEWELL£26.00 Payment Completed07.08.20190
5144LauncestonRene Goutte£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.20190
4962LeedsELLIOTT GLOVER£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20190
5033Leek ANick Burton£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201913
5034Leek BIan Campion£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.201912
5095Leicester & District AAdam Glover£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.201919
5094Leicester LionsCarolyn Bowkett£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.201912
5117Lennon'sBen Bennett£26.00 Payment Completed19.06.201912
5121Lennon's BSean Lennon£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201916
4971London CityJoe Slaughter£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20199
4975London City 2Ben GadsbyCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5119Long EatonJohn Beaumont£26.00 Payment Completed27.06.201911
4989Lord NelsonTommy Farrelly£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201910
4961Lowestoft AStephen Pritchard£26.00 Payment Completed29.07.20190
4955Lowestoft TownKeith Peck£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20199

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Team Captain Booked People
5030MACCLESFIELD ACHARLIE MITCHELL£26.00 Payment Completed17.07.201911
5072Maidenhead ADYLAN LEARY£26.00 Payment Completed11.06.201910
5073Maidenhead BDEAN HARDESTY£26.00 Payment Completed11.06.20190
5006MAIDSTONE AKevin David Saunders£26.00 Payment Completed26.06.201910
4959ManningtreeRichard Kenny£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.201910
5024Mecca NCPLE AAdam Philpott£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201911
5015MEDWAY APhillip HarrisonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5002MEDWAY OUTSIDERSNick Grindley£26.00 Payment Completed18.06.20190
5071Mercury MachinesDaniel Chitty£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)07.06.20199
5051Mermaid AJASON SIDAWAY£26.00 Payment Completed07.06.201917
4943Mickey FlynnsJOHN CHAPMAN£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201914
5043Mid Sussex Q'SJULIE HITCHEN£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.20199
4991Mr PoolsJASON SHELLUM£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20196

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Team Captain Booked People
5026NCPLE BGarry Francis£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201915
5047NEN RednecksChris Brindal£26.00 Payment Completed17.06.20190
5048NEN SwampiesTony Wilson£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201810
5052New MiltonBEN RICHARDS£26.00 Payment Completed27.06.201911
5142NewquayPaul Crook£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.20190
5045Norwich AAlex Lewis£26.00 Payment Completed01.07.201910
5107Nottingham AStephen Hill£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201911
5110Notts and DistrictColin Wilson£26.00 Payment Completed02.07.201919
5108Notts NomadsJason Ward£26.00 Payment Completed03.07.201912
5081Nuneaton BoroughMatt Evans£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20199
5078Nuneaton NomadsAnthony TeddsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)23.07.20190

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Team Captain Booked People
5161Penwith Red LionsNathan Strick£26.00 Payment Completed15.07.20199
4944Peterborough CourtARRON CLARK£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20199
4951Peterborough Wack UmDANI GATTOCheck status/pay (if team is approved)08.06.20190
5025Pheasant PluckersRon Evans£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20194
5109PhoenixAlan Gregory£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)03.07.201917
4988POT8s ACraig Coult£26.00 Payment Completed18.06.201911

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Team Captain Booked People
5013RAINHAM GYCDan O'Rourke£26.00 Payment Completed18.06.20190
5143Red Lion Mega RoarsWayne Berry£26.00 Payment Completed24.06.20190
5100Redditch PremierAllan Cooper£26.00 Payment Completed12.06.201911
5146Redruth RattlersSimon O' Mahony£26.00 Payment Completed24.06.20199
5162Redruth Rattlers BJosh Pellow£26.00 Payment Completed15.07.20190
5075Renegade BROBERT PAUL UZZELL£26.00 Payment Completed11.06.20190
5080Rileys CoventryRichard WigstonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5001ROCHESTERBrett Clancy£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.201914
5003ROMNEY INVICTAKevin Miles£26.00 Payment Completed17.07.20199
5012ROMNEY MARSH BDavid Evelyn Clarke£26.00 Payment Completed14.07.20199
5062RRDPL BrooklynsNICK POOL£26.00 Payment Completed15.06.201910

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Team Captain Booked People
4969S.L.K.P.A.Scott Shephard£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.20199
4973S.L.K.P.A. 2Trevor Biggs£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.201910
4978S.L.K.P.A. 3Paul Ronald Dawson£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.201911
5069Saint Albans EliteAndrew Barker£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)07.06.20198
5128Sandwell SundaysCraig JohnsonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
4965Sav's ArenaPAUL HOPKINSON£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.20190
5120SawleyWayne Askew£26.00 Payment Completed27.06.201913
5011SHEPPEY ACharlie MintaCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5016SHEPPEY SHIPWRECKERSKeith Jones£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20190
5135Shrewsbury BJon Sykes£26.00 Payment Completed26.06.20190
5136Shrewsbury PLCarl JonesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5050Sportman DishersMatthew Povey£26.00 Payment Completed11.06.201910
5049Sportsman all StarsSteve Mooney£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201912
5145St Austell & DistrictMichael Meares£26.00 Payment Completed24.06.201910
4952St Neots ADANIEL STEEL£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20190
4948St Neots BDAVID SEARS£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20199
5036StaffordChristopher Broomhall£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.20190
5115StaplefordJames Turner-Yorke£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201912
5035Stoke LPRobert Taylor£26.00 Payment Completed07.06.201910
5055Stone LeagueMark Welton£26.00 Payment Completed02.07.201910
4956Stowmarket ANick Zarkos£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.201910
4960Stowmarket BHarvey Ballard£26.00 Payment Completed02.07.20190
5106Sun ValleyPat Kelley£26.00 Payment Completed03.07.201910
4987Swinton WMCSteve Kelly£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201910

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Team Captain Booked People
5134Telford APaul Waters£26.00 Payment Completed21.06.20199
5092Thurmaston 147 AAslam Abubaker£26.00 Payment Completed15.06.201915
5093Thurmaston 147 BRakesh Patel£26.00 Payment Completed15.06.20199
5149Token PoolCHRISTOPHER BATTY£26.00 Payment Completed14.07.20199

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Team Captain Booked People
5133Vantage WednesdaysSteve Williams£26.00 Payment Completed20.06.201912

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Team Captain Booked People
5129walsall InvitationalPaul WaterfieldCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
4970WaterlooMichael Clayton£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201910
5018Waterloo 2David Dean£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.201910
4979Waterloo 3Alan Day£26.00 Payment Completed13.06.20199
5054Waterlooville Sports BarMARTIN CLIFFORD£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.20198
5150Wessex ABEN SMITH£26.00 Payment Completed27.06.201910
5151Wessex WariorsShelly Harrington£26.00 Payment Completed27.06.20190
5088Weston AllstarsThomas Vowles£26.00 Payment Completed (chq)07.06.201911
5010WHITECLIFFS DEALAlan Brian MossCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5017WHITECLIFFS DOVER APaul Allister£26.00 Payment Completed25.06.201910
5008WHITECLIFFS DOVER BKarl ShepherdCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5097WitneyChris Chapman£26.00 Payment Completed08.06.201918
5130Wolverhampton WednesdaysDean BircherCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
5040WorthingSHAUN OSBORNE COTTINGHAM£26.00 Payment Completed14.06.20190
5074Wycombe 'A'RUSSELL THOMAS£26.00 Payment Completed11.06.20190

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Team Captain Booked People
5046YarmouthJason Ford£26.00 Payment Completed17.06.20199
4967Yorkshire TerriersCHRISTINE ARMITAGE£26.00 Payment Completed06.06.201913


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