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07.10.2017 - National K.O. Cup

Teams are displayed in alphabetical order by team name. The "Check status/pay" link takes you to a new page.
If the team has been approved by the Tournament Director, a PayPal Pay Now button will appear on the new page.
Click on that and you go to a secure paypal page with the usual payment options (paypal account or credit card etc).

189 Entries ...

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Team Captain Booked People
3986147 A LeicesterSteve Robertshaw£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201720

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Team Captain Booked People
3881ACCRINGTON PALSLUKE AUSTIN£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.201710
3926ADSPL Sovereign AJOHN COOK£25.00 Payment Completed21.07.201710
3929ADSPL Sovereign BMATT YATES£25.00 Payment Completed21.07.201712
3812AlsagerLeanne Cragg£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
4016AndoverRICHARD SWAFFIELD£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201714
3976AshbourneLilian Hainsworth£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201710
3797Ashfield LionsSher Afzal Nawaz£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.20179
3886ATHERTONDANIEL HUNT£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201710

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Team Captain Booked People
3833BAR 8David Bench£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3803BarrattsMichala Murray£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.20179
3858Battersea AWilliam Gayler£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201713
3860Battersea BDAVID HASTE£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3835Bedford BanditsBen Young£25.00 Payment Completed22.06.20179
3978BicesterJohn Bland£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
4064Bicester BTerry Steventon£25.00 Payment Completed21.07.201713
4039Black Country MondaysJamie Taylor£25.00 Payment Completed01.07.201713
3924Blackwater BumblesKEVIN SELWAY£25.00 Payment Completed21.07.20170
3921Blackwater SidewalksPAUL BROGAN£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.20179
3946BognorDAVE ROGERS£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3865Bourne BanditsJohn LordCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3793Bradford Bulls HeadBARRY HAWKES£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.201710
3824BraintreeClaire Buckley£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3821Braintree LegendsDarren Briley£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3795Bramley VillagersROBERT JOHNSON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.20170
3826BrightlingseaMichael JudsonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3949Brighton AMARK PROTO£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3948Brighton XALLAN ROBERTS£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3808Bromsgrove LionsAdam Davis£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201715

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Team Captain Booked People
3880CABIN CREWTONY KAY£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.20170
4004CAMBRIDGEGarry Browne£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201710
4007Cambridge Snooker CentreBen Clements£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201711
3810Cannock ChaseLee Grout£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201715
3944Central CarsSteve Williams£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.201724
3842Central Cornwall EliteAlan Bartlett£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3837Chalk n BullLiam Leach£25.00 Payment Completed22.06.201713
3784Chelmsford ASIMON COOK£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3825Chelmsford BShaun Thomson£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.20179
3970Chesterfield CharityBJ O'Neill£25.00 Payment Completed10.07.201715
3973Chesterfield TownAshley RyanCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3879CHORLEY ACRAIG HART£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
4036CHORLEY BBERNARD HEYESCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3987City of LeicesterSteve O'Connor£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714
3782Clacton ASteve Forrest£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201716
3822Clacton BDean Mills£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201711
3884CLITHEROE AROBERT GRANTCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3785ColchesterNICK PHILLIPS£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3805Corby PLGary BrownCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3969Corn ExchangeMelanie Fernandez£25.00 Payment Completed10.07.201710
4009Court KnightsIvan Knight£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.20170
3831Coventry 1Billy White£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3952Crawley BPATRICK CONSTANCE£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.20170
3910CREWEMICHAEL PREECECheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3927Croydon ASTEVEN PANTONY£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.20170
3928Croydon BMARK HALSEY£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3930Croydon MisscuesSARAH LONGCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
4040Darlaston InvitationalCarl Butler£25.00 Payment Completed01.07.201715
3888DARWENMARTIN WEST£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.20170
3942Dawley AChris Lawson£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.201713
3943Dawley BOlwyn Blagbrough£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.201710
4013DinningtonGlen McKay£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201716
4023Diss Cue ClubJonathan FrancisCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3838DSC ElitePaul TurnstillCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3993EcclesDAVID JOHNSON£25.00 Payment Completed10.07.20170
3877EGREMONTJohn Burns£25.00 Payment Completed30.07.20170

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Team Captain Booked People
3800Finedon F*okersRon Evans£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201716
3836Flitwick 45ersPaul Oliver£25.00 Payment Completed22.06.201711
3839Flitwick FoxesErnie Mayne£25.00 Payment Completed22.06.201711
3873FOLKESTONE BJohn Strickland£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
3923Frames ReigateROBERT McGOWAN£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3857Frank Smith TerraceRon Brown£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179

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Team Captain Booked People
3939GainsboroughSimon Rose£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.20170
4017GosportMartin French£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201710
4018Gosport (SSC)Gary Farmery£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201713
3867GRAVESHAM ASteve Stuckey£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714
3869GRAVESHAM BKevin Sean Kelleher£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3874GRAVESHAM CPatrick Firth£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.201713
4020Great Yarmouth BDarren ClementsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
4021Great Yarmouth AChris MinnsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3922GuildfordMAX BROOKER£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714

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Team Captain Booked People
3961Hammersmith AJOHN BARRY£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3783Harlow AROBERT ELLINGHAM£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.201710
3823Harlow BMATT NADAL£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.20179
4008HAVERHILLSTUART COE£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201711
3963Hayes & Uxbridge ASEAN FIELD£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3964Hayes & Uxbridge BLEWIS LOXTON£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
4035Hereford BPhillip HillCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
4034Hereford AJay Sheffield£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.20170
4059HERNE BAY ASpencer Scott DavisCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3991HinckleyDean ParryCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3953Horsham ALEE GIBSON£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714
3951Hove AWAYNE DAVIS£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711

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Team Captain Booked People
4031INVITATIONAL POOL LEAGUELES OULTONCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3787Ipswich AShaun BardellCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3789Ipswich Boom BoyzLee Atkins£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201713

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Team Captain Booked People
4073KENT FOSSILSJason HerringCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3802Kettering TownTyrone Rees£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3807Kiddy Cue & BrewPeter French£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.201713
3796KirkburtonSTEVE WEATHERBY£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.20179

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Team Captain Booked People
3885LANCASTER ACRAIG S. DODD£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3985LCBLee Brown£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.20170
3798Leeds PremierLEE FIELD£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.201713
3811Leek ANick Burton£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3814Leek BIan Campion£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3989Leicester & District AToby Vernon£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714
3988Leicester LionsCarolyn Bowkett£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201719
3972Lennon'sKieran LennonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3971Lennon's 'B'Sean LennonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3947Littlehampton SelectGARY HILTON£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
3861London CityJoe Slaughter£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3968Long EatonPaul Wilkins£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201710
3791Lowestoft AStephen PritchardCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3788Lowestoft TownKeith Peck£25.00 Payment Completed22.06.20179

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Team Captain Booked People
3909MACCLESFIELD ACHARLIE MITCHELL£25.00 Payment Completed10.07.201712
3962Maidenhead ADYLAN LEARY£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3864Mail - Cart CrusadersMichael Harrison£25.00 Payment Completed21.07.201710
3790ManningtreeAndrew Smith£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201713
3872MEDWAY APhillip Harrison£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714
3997Mercury MachinesDaniel Chitty£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.06.201711
3994Mercury SaintsAndrew Barker£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.06.201712
4015Mermaid AIain Russell£25.00 Payment Completed10.07.20170
4002Mickey FlynnsJohn Chapman£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201712
3995Mid HertsKit Wong£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.06.20170
3950Mid Sussex ADavid JenkinsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3792Milnsbridge Liberal ClubRYAN DRIVER£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.201711
3827Mr PoolsGRAHAM BRYAN£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20178

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Team Captain Booked People
4024N.E.NorfolkKevin WarnesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3804N.O.P.L.Anthony Floyer£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3801NCLPE A MECCAJustin Wynne£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3799NCPLE Coopers CJohn Sharp£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3845NewquaySimon James£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.20179
3992Normans EliteSteve Mills£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3813North StaffsKieron McDonald£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
4019Norwich APete Mullaney£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
4022Norwich AcesMark DoyleCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3940Nottingham AStephen Hill£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201711
3941Notts and DistrictChris Winson£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.20170
3834Nuneaton NewdigateBarry Hinde£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201715
3830Nuneaton NomadsKarl Knight£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170

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Team Captain Booked People
3806Pardy's Combined XIAllan Cooper£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3878PENRITHMark KnowlesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3844PenwithShaun Vosper£25.00 Payment Completed
4001Peterborough AADY BONSOR£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201713
4003Peterborough CourtARRON CLARK£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201710
4010Peterborough Wack UmIRENE TYERSCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3828Pot Black ClactonWarren Organ£25.00 Payment Completed29.06.20170
3882PRESTONKENNETH BOND£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714

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Team Captain Booked People
4060RAINHAM ALuke O'BrienCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3871RAINHAM GYCMichael Wheeler£25.00 Payment Completed10.07.20170
3847Redruth RattlersSimon O' MahonyCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3925Reigate ASIMON LE MARCHANT£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201710
3832Rileys CoventryJames Stokes£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3868ROCHESTERRichard Lee Conn£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3866ROMNEY MARSH AKevin Miles£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3875ROMNEY MARSH BDavid Evelyn Clarke£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3829Rugby ZGary Wilkins£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710

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Team Captain Booked People
3859S.L.K.P.A.Paul Gafa£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
3862S.L.K.P.A. 2Scott Shephard£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3863S.L.K.P.A. 3Trevor Biggs£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3996Saint AlbansAllan Butler£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)22.06.20179
4038Sandwell SundaysCraig Johnson£25.00 Payment Completed01.07.201715
3794Savs ArenaPAUL HOPKINSON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.20179
3974SawleyWayne Askew£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201710
4030SEFTON & DISTRICTDARREN McGILLCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3945Shrewsbury PLJon Sykes£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)21.06.20170
4027Southport Smokin AcesMARTIN CUSACK£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
4028Southport Young & OldMICHAEL CROMWELL£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
4026St Helens AANTHONY BROWN£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201715
4029St Helens BGRAEME BANNISTER£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201712
4006St Neots 'B'GARY PAGE£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201710
4005St Neots ASTUART McPHERSON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)29.06.201710
3975StaplefordAnthony Fennell£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.20170
3786StowmarketNick Zarkos£25.00 Payment Completed27.06.201710
3937Sun ValleyPat Kelley£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.201714
4014Swinton WMCNigel Horbury£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201713

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Team Captain Booked People
3938The ClubSam Williams£25.00 Payment Completed06.07.20174
3990The Sun Mon ClubSunny Patel£25.00 Payment Completed
3843TruroMark Berry£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
3846Truro BJamie Mooney£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20170
3809TT PlayersTony Latham£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710

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Team Captain Booked People
4041Walsall Pools FederationPaul Waterfield£25.00 Payment Completed01.07.20179
3848WaterlooNigel David Smith£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201710
3849Waterloo 2Christopher Hobbis£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201711
3870WHITECLIFFS DOVERPaul Allister£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.20179
3887WIGAN ACARL A. BROMLEYCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3883WIGAN BROBERT CANNINGCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3977WitneyChris Chapman£25.00 Payment Completed21.06.201714
4037Wolverhampton WednesdaysShaun Eaton-Lees£25.00 Payment Completed01.07.201713
3876WORKINGTON JJ'sLeigh Musgrave£25.00 Payment Completed30.07.201710


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