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01.04.2017 - Interleague Finals

Teams are displayed in alphabetical order by team name. The "Check status/pay" link takes you to a new page.
If the team has been approved by the Tournament Director, a PayPal Pay Now button will appear on the new page.
Click on that and you go to a secure paypal page with the usual payment options (paypal account or credit card etc).

177 Entries ...

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Team Captain Booked People
3526ADSPL SidewalksSTEPHANIE LEWIS£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201711
3524ADSPL SovereignANDREW NORRISCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3540AlsagerColin HigginsonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3569AndoverRICHARD SWAFFIELD£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.20178
3667AshbourneLilian Hainsworth£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201711
3639AshfieldSher Afzal Nawaz£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201712
3710ATHERTONDANIEL HUNT£25.00 Payment Completed10.03.201713

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Team Captain Booked People
3511BAR 8David Bench£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201711
3578Battersea AWilliam Gayler£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201711
3576Battersea BJP RABASTE£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20179
3612Battersea CGARY GRIFFINCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3560Bedford BanditsBen Young£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.20179
3717BicesterPaul Paddick£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201716
3704BLACKBURN CABIN CREWTONY KAY£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201712
3525Blackwater BumblesKEVIN SELWAYCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3518Blackwater SidewalksPAUL BROGAN£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201710
3638BRADFORD BULLS HEADKrishan Pal Tanday£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20179
3773BrightlingseaMichael JudsonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3596Brighton AMARK PROTO£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201711
3599Brighton BLAURA BOYLECheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3597Brighton XALLAN ROBERTS£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201710
3723BudeStuart BakerCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3696CAMBRIDGEGarry Browne£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)11.02.201711
3537Cannock ChaseLee Grout£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201710
3501Central CarsSteve Williams£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)03.03.201718
3719Central Cornwall EliteAlan Bartlett£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201711
3559Chalks a Good GameDanielle Lane£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201711
3565Chelmsford AMartin Wheeler£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201710
3663Chesterfield CharityBJ O'Neill£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201713
3665Chesterfield Charity 'B&#Sue MarplesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3686City of LeicesterSteve O'Connor£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201715
3564ClactonSteve Forrest£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201715
3568Clacton B £25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20179
3711CLITHEROE BANDREW BLACKBURNCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3563ColchesterNICK PHILLIPS£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201710
3660Corn ExchangeMelanie Fernandez£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201714
3507Coventry 1Billy White£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201710
3747Crawley BPATRICK CONSTANCE£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201713
3506CREWEANDREW MOORECheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3523Croydon ASTEVEN PANTONY£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201713
3521Croydon BMARK HALSEY£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201711

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Team Captain Booked People
3716Darlaston InvitationalCarl Butler£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201713
3712DARWENMARTIN WESTCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3499Dawley AOlwyn Blagbrough£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)02.03.201719
3500Dawley BOlwyn Blagbrough£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)
3497DinningtonRalph Winfield£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201715
3515Diss Cue ClubKevin StebbingsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3558DSC BulletsLee Lewis£25.00 Payment Completed
3557DSC ElitePaul Turnstill£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201713

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Team Captain Booked People
3641EllandDale FisherCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3707FLEETWOODMICHAEL HOLDING£25.00 Payment Completed
3561Flitwick 45ersPaul Oliver£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201712
3562Flitwick FoxesErnie Mayne£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.20179
3616FOLKESTONE ADarren FordhamCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3520Frames ReigateROBERT McGOWAN£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201711
3577Frank Smith TerraceRon Brown£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201714

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Team Captain Booked People
3531GainsboroughSimon Rose£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201712
3571GosportMartin French£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201710
3615GRAVESHAM AAndy Twigger£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201715
3619GRAVESHAM BJas Talwar£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20177
3618GRAVESHAM CPatrick Firth£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201714
3517Great Yarmouth BDarren Clements£25.00 Payment Completed07.03.201710
3514Great Yarmouth ASpencer Jones£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20179
3519GuildfordMAX BROOKER£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201715
3609Gwynnes BH'SRobert Harmston£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201710

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Team Captain Booked People
3624Hammersmith AJOHN BARRY£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201710
3566HarlowMARK NICHOLLS£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201710
3699HAVERHILLSTUART COE£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)26.02.20179
3625Hayes & Uxbridge ASTEVE PANTELICheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3626Hayes & Uxbridge BALEXANDER TEARLE£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201711

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Team Captain Booked People
3731INVITATIONAL POOL LEAGUELES OULTON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)0
3550Ipswich ANed Acton£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201712
3553Ipswich Boom BoyzLee Atkins£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201710
3556Ipswich RackerzShaun BardellCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3636Keighley ADAVID GREENE£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201712
3640Keighley BALAN WINTERCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3675KENDAL AShaun O'Sullivan£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201711
3676KENDAL BSimon Greenhow£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20179
3584Kettering TownTyrone ReesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3709KIRKHAMTREVOR CHIPPENDALECheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3705LANCASTER ACRAIG S. DODD£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201711
3637LEEDSMARK BUCKCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3534Leek ANick Burton£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201714
3538Leek BIan CampionCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3546Leek BodgersColin LeatherCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3687Leicester & District AToby Vernon£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201715
3688Leicester LionsCarolyn BowkettCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3661Lennon'sSean Lennon£25.00 Payment Completed10.03.201712
3598Littlehampton SelectGARY HILTON£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201710
3574London CityAlexander Khan£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201710
3662Long EatonPaul Wilkins£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201711
3554Lowestoft AStephen Pritchard£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.20179
3552Lowestoft TownKeith Peck£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20179

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Team Captain Booked People
3504MACCLESFIELDCHARLIE MITCHELL£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201716
3505MACCLESFIELD BLEE HOLMESCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3623Maidenhead ADYLAN LEARY£25.00 Payment Completed
3614MAIDSTONE AKevin David Saunders£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20179
3610Mail - Cart CrusadersMichael Harrison£25.00 Payment Completed22.03.201711
3555ManningtreeAndrew Smith£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201713
3671Mercury MachinesDaniel Chitty£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)26.02.201711
3670Mercury SaintsAndrew Barker£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)24.02.20176
3570Mermaid AIain Russell£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201713
3694MICKEY FLYNNSJohn Chapman£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)24.02.201715
3594Mid Sussex AKEVIN MYLES£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201712
3714Moor PoolPaul Dunkey£25.00 Payment Completed
3567Mr PoolsGRAHAM BRYANCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3516N.E.NorfolkKevin Warnes£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.20179
3583N.O.P.L.Anthony FloyerCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3580NCLPE 'A' MECCAJustin Wynne£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201710
3582NCPLE Coopers CJohn Sharp£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201710
3672New Barnet BulletsPraful Varsani£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)04.03.201711
3572New Milton ADaniel Carpenter£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201710
3535NewcastleSCOTT PRICECheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3544North Staffs Check status/pay (if team is approved)
3503NORTHWICH AERIC WEBBERCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3513Norwich APete Mullaney£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201710
3527Nottingham ALeon Hill£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201712
3530Notts & District ALee Mason£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201710
3510Nuneaton NomadsAnthony Tedds£25.00 Payment Completed15.03.201714
3509Nuneaton TownColin Richards£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201719

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Team Captain Booked People
3693PETERBOROUGH 'A'ADY BONSOR£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)26.02.201711
3698PETERBOROUGH 'B'Ivan Knight£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)11.02.201711
3695PETERBOROUGH COURTARRON CLARK£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)24.02.20178
3700PETERBOROUGH WACK UMIRENE TYERSCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3545Plaza DoublesNathan GoughCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3708PRESTONKENNETH BONDCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3646RadstockAntony Ford£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201710
3522Reigate ASIMON LE MARCHANTCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3508Rileys CoventryJames Stokes£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20179
3585ROCHESTERRichard Lee Conn£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201718
3586ROMNEY MARSH AKevin Miles£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201710
3620ROMNEY MARSH BDavid Evelyn ClarkeCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3512Rugby ZGary WilkinsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3575S.L.K.P.A.Paul Gafa£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201711
3579S.L.K.P.A. 2Scott Shephard£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201711
3673Saint AlbansAllan Butler£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)25.01.20179
3772Sandwell SundaysSteven Smith£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)04.03.20177
3664SawleyWayne Askew£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201711
3502Shrewsbury PLJon Sykes£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)04.03.201713
3617SITTINGBOURNE BSTEVEN DURRANTCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3702SOLWAY WEST BPaul Clarke£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.20179
3733Southport AMICHAEL CROMWELLCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3732Southport BMARTIN CUSACK£25.00 Payment Completed0
3611Sportsman DishersMatthew PoveyCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3729St Helens AANTHONY BROWN£25.00 Payment Completed
3730St Helens BGRAEME BANNISTER£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201712
3697ST NEOTSSTUART McPHERSON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)26.02.201710
3543StaffordChristopher BroomhallCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3666StaplefordAnthony Fennell£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20178
3682Stockport AcesIan Davidson£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201710
3683STOCKPORT BBOB GRANT£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201712
3533Stoke AGareth Davies£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.20179
3549Stoke GBNicholas WilshawCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3541Stoke LPRobert TaylorCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3536Stoke OBAnthony Hazledine£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.20179
3547Stoke PBPaul DyerCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3548Stoke PlazaJaved IqbalCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3539Stone LeagueMark Welton£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201714
3551StowmarketNick Zarkos£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201712
3528Sun ValleyPat Kelley£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201714

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Team Captain Booked People
3715Tamworth AKeith Garner£25.00 Payment Completed
3645Taunton Somerset InnScott Baldock£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201710
3529The ClubSam Williams£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201714
3689ThurmastonDonna ElliottCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3684TRIANGLE ELITEGRAHAM HILL£25.00 Payment Completed23.02.201711
3542TT BaizeAdrian GommCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3532TT PlayersTony Latham£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20179

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Team Captain Booked People
3498WalkleyCraig Nicholson£25.00 Payment Completed26.02.201714
3573WaterlooNigel David Smith£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201714
3613WHITECLIFFS DOVERPaul Allister£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201710
3703WIGAN ADAVID STOCK£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.201714
3706WIGAN BROBERT CANNING£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201712
3718WitneyChris Chapman£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201711
3713Wolverhampton WednesdaysShaun Eaton-Lees£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201712
3581WOODFORD WANDERERSRon Evans£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201716
3674WORKINGTON JJ'sLeigh Musgrave£25.00 Payment Completed16.03.201710
3595WorthingNeil Woods£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201715


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