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16.04.2016 - Interleague Finals

Teams are displayed in alphabetical order by team name. The "Check status/pay" link takes you to a new page.
If the team has been approved by the Tournament Director, a PayPal Pay Now button will appear on the new page.
Click on that and you go to a secure paypal page with the usual payment options (paypal account or credit card etc).

189 Entries ...

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Team Captain Booked People
3159A.D.S.P.L.JOHN COOKCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3067Alan DavisRussell Moore£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)02.03.201610
3063AshbourneLilian Hainsworth£25.00 Payment Completed1
3004ATHERTON BDANIEL HUNT£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.201613

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Team Captain Booked People
3224Barnsley MondaySharon Lunn£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)24.02.201617
3138Barnstaple ACallum Matthews£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)02.03.201611
3071BasingstokeLOUIS SMITHCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3033Battersea AWilliam Gayler£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201613
3035Battersea BJP RABASTE£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201611
3165Battersea BoomCorinne Grattan£25.00 Payment Completed
3143Bedford BanditsChristopher Dilley£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20169
3039BicesterChris Cook£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.201616
2990Bishops StortfordRichard Berry£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)01.03.201611
2999BLACKBURN B&DPLKEVIN CALVERLEY£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201610
3001BLACKPOOLGRAHAM CLARKCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3155Blackwater BumblesKEVIN SELWAY£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.20169
3153Blackwater LegionPAUL BROGAN£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
3022BraintreeMike Collins£25.00 Payment Completed16.03.20169
2984Brighton AMARK PROTO£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.20169
2987Brighton BNIGEL ENTICKNAPP£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
2985Brighton XALLAN ROBERTS£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20169
3002BURYCOLIN PARRY£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.20169

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Team Captain Booked People
3085C.L.H.P.L. BMICHAEL PREECE£25.00 Payment Completed09.03.20169
3011CAMBRIDGEGarry Browne£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)20.02.201611
2951Cannock ChaseLee Grout£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201611
3230CastlefordMARTIN STOCKSCheck status/pay (if team is approved)1
2964Central CarsSteve Williams£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)05.03.201616
3068Central Cornwall EliteAlan Bartlett£25.00 Payment Completed13.03.201610
3021Chelmsford AMartin Wheeler£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20169
3229Chelmsford Social ClubShaun Thomson£25.00 Payment Completed22.03.20169
2976Chesterfield CharityBJ O'Neill£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201614
2979Chesterfield Charity 'B'Sue Marples£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
3006CHORLEY AADRIAN ASTLEYCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3046City of LeicesterSteve O'Connor£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)18.03.201610
3020ClactonJames Hazelton£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201615
2973CLARENDON SELECTAlan Lockton£25.00 Payment Completed11.05.201611
3005CLITHEROE BGARY HALLCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3017ColchesterNICK PHILLIPS£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.201611
2975Corn ExchangeMelanie Fernandez£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
2969Coventry 1Billy White£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201614
2972Coventry EliteBarry HindeCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2989CRAWLEY AADAM McSHARRY£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.20169
3235CRAWLEY BPATRICK CONSTANCE£25.00 Payment Completed29.03.201610
3156Croydon ASTEVEN PANTONY£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201613
3158Croydon BMARK HALSEYCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
2963Dawley AOlwyn Blagbrough£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)05.03.201610
2966Dawley BOlwyn Blagbrough£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)05.03.20167
2967DinningtonGlen McKay£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201616
3055Diss Cue ClubKevin Stebbings£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.20169
3198DSC BulletsLee Lewis£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201610
3121Dunes DestroyersMax BillinghamCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3111EAST LEEDSSTEVEN MONKMAN£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201613
3136Exeter AMike King£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)20.02.201614

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Team Captain Booked People
3144Flitwick 45ersPaul Oliver£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201612
3044FOLKESTONE ATONY SMITHCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3152Frames ReigateROBERT McGOWAN£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.201612

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Team Captain Booked People
3078GainsboroughSimon Rose£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201613
3045GILLINGHAM RILEY'S BLee MonkCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3154Godalming AMAX BROOKER£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201612
3074GosportMartin FrenchCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3026GRAVESHAM AAndy Twigger£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201621
3231Guns And PrimrosesSam Normanhenney£25.00 Payment Completed23.03.201610
3120Gwynnes BH'SRobert Harmston£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201610
3119Gwynnes I-BoysMark Hiatt£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.20169

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Team Captain Booked People
3117Halesowen Snooker CentreDaryl GarlandCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2994Hammersmith AJOHN BARRY£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201611
3093Hammersmith CLES CREAVEN£25.00 Payment Completed
3019HarlowROBERT ELLINGHAM£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201614
3024harvestMark KnightCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3015HAVERHILLSTUART COECheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3094Hayes & Uxbridge AMICHAEL FERGUSON£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201611
3095Hayes & Uxbridge BJAMES CALLAGHAN£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201611
3233HORSHAMJON BEHLING£25.00 Payment Completed18.03.201610
3014HUNTINGDONRICHARD TEKELLCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3127INVITATIONAL POOL LEAGUELES OULTONCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3088Ipswich ANed Acton£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201613
3090Ipswich Boom BoysLee Atkins£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201611
3092Ipswich FSUJason KilpatrickCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3107Keighley ADAVID GREENE£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201612
3110Keighley BALAN WINTER£25.00 Payment Completed
3132KENDAL AShaun O'Sullivan£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201610
2983KetteringTyrone ReesCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3102Kiddy Cue & BrewPeter French£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201615
3109KIRKBURTONSTEVE WEATHERBYCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3000LANCASTERPETER CORKECheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3106LEEDSMARK BUCK£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.20169
2954Leek ANick Burton£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201611
2956Leek BIan CampionCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3047LeicesterSteve RobertshawCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3051Leicester EliteAndy TaylorCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3049Leicester LionsCarolyn Bowkett£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.20167
3048Leicester POWDhams Dhanak£25.00 Payment Completed11.03.201610
3061Lennon'sKieran LennonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2986Littlehampton AROB WADEY£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.20169
3037London CityAlexander Khan£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.20169
3060London LeopardsAngela Hobbs£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
2977Long EatonPaul Wilkins£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201614
3091Lowestoft TownKeith Peck£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.20169

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Team Captain Booked People
3086MACCLESFIELDCHARLIE MITCHELL£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201616
3210MACCLESFIELD BLEE HOLMES£25.00 Payment Completed
3043MEDWAY CNick Grindley£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201613
2991Mercury SaintsNeal Foster£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)05.03.20168
3073Mermaid AIain Russell£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201615
3008MICKEY FLYNNSDALE PARSON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)24.02.201610
2988Mid Sussex AKEVIN MYLES£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201613
3234MID-SUSSEX BJULIE HITCHEN£25.00 Payment Completed05.04.20169
3023MK BallbagsMatthew Sullivan£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20169
3116Moor Pool & SnookerPaul Dunkey£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)24.02.20168
3018Mr PoolsGRAHAM BRYAN£25.00 Payment Completed11.02.20169

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Team Captain Booked People
2980N.O.P.L.Anthony Floyer£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201613
2982NCLPE 'A' MECCAJustin WynneCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3232NCPLE Coopers CJohn Sharp£25.00 Payment Completed30.03.20169
2992New Barnet APraful Varsani£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)04.03.201610
3072New MiltonDaniel Carpenter£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201611
2962NewcastleStuart WellsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3141Normans SelectMICHAEL NICHOLLS£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201612
3057North East NorfolkTony WilsonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2958North Staffs Check status/pay (if team is approved)
3084NORTHWICH AKEVIN BARRY£25.00 Payment Completed
3087NORTHWICH BMATTHEW WHITEHEADCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3053Norwich APete Mullaney£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201610
3056Norwich JestersChris Wright£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201610
3076Nottingham AStephen Hill£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.201612
2974Nuneaton OaksColin RichardsCheck status/pay (if team is approved)

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Team Captain Booked People
3140OLDHAMMATTHEW P.D. EVANS£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201610

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Team Captain Booked People
3133PENRITHMark Knowles£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201611
3012PETERBOROUGH 'A'ADY BONSOR£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)01.03.20169
3013PETERBOROUGH 'B'ANDREW PUNTER£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)
3009PETERBOROUGH COURTARRON CLARK£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)02.03.20169
3016PETERBOROUGH WACK UMIRENE TYERSCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2968Players RotherhamRussell Todd£25.00 Payment Completed
3003PRESTONKENNETH BOND£25.00 Payment Completed11.05.201614

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Team Captain Booked People
3137Queen & ConstitutionSean Watson£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)

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Team Captain Booked People
3103RedditchSimon Greig£25.00 Payment Completed
3157Reigate ASIMON LE MARCHANT£25.00 Payment Completed11.03.20169
2970Rileys CoventryJames Stokes£25.00 Payment Completed
3025ROCHESTERRichard Lee Conn£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20169
3027ROMNEY MARSH AKevin Miles£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201613
2971Rugby ZGary Wilkins£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201615

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Team Captain Booked People
3036S.L.K.P.A.Paul Gafa£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201612
3034S.L.K.P.A. 2Scott Shephard£25.00 Payment Completed01.03.201611
2993Saint AlbansGordon Fyvie£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)
3115Sandwell SundaysSteven Smith£25.00 Payment Completed29.02.20166
2978SawleyWayne Askew£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20169
3126Sefton and District JJ'sSTUART McGILLCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2965Shrewsbury PLJon Sykes£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)08.03.201613
3041SITTINGBOURNEADRIAN HORN£25.00 Payment Completed16.03.201610
3131SOLWAY WESTAndrew Harrison£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201612
3124Southport ANORMAN JACKSON£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201614
3128Southport BCHRIS GREENWOOD£25.00 Payment Completed28.03.20169
3108Spen ValleyANTHONY WHITLOCK£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
3054Spencers BarSpencer Jones£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.20169
3122Sportsman DishersMatthew PoveyCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3123St Helens AANTHONY BROWN£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201611
3125St Helens BGRAEME BANNISTER£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201612
3129St Helens CDAVID PILKINGTONCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3010ST NEOTSSTUART McPHERSON£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)01.03.20169
3062StaplefordAnthony Fennell£25.00 Payment Completed
3139Stockport AcesIan Davidson£25.00 Payment Completed
3142STOCKPORT BBOB GRANT£25.00 Payment Completed04.03.201611
2950Stoke AGareth Davies£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201613
2952Stoke BNicholas Wilshaw£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201611
2955Stoke LSTim WagerCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2959Stoke MoorvilleLuke ShawCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2961Stoke OBAnthony HazledineCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2953Stoke PlazaMathew StaceyCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2957Stone LeagueMark WeltonCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3089StowmarketStuart Simmonds£25.00 Payment Completed05.03.201610
3075Sun ValleyPat Kelley£25.00 Payment Completed02.03.201613

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Team Captain Booked People
3113Tamworth AKeith Garner£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201615
3118Tamworth BStuart TedstoneCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3188Taunton Allstarsroderick smith£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201610
3187Taunton Somerset InnScott Baldock£25.00 Payment Completed (chq)18.03.201611
3077The ClubLee Thorpe£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201616
3050The Lost Cats MistfitsSteven Vann£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201615
3052ThurmastonDonna ElliottCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2960TT BaizeAdrian GommCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
2949TT PlayersDarren LightfootCheck status/pay (if team is approved)20.02.20169

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Team Captain Booked People
3114Walsall Pool FederationSharon James£25.00 Payment Completed
3032WaterlooNigel David Smith£25.00 Payment Completed
3042WHITECLIFFS DOVER AAndrew Roy Biggs£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.20169
2998WIGAN AIAN DAVENPORT£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201613
3007WIGAN BROBERT CANNINGCheck status/pay (if team is approved)
3040WitneyChris Chapman£25.00 Payment Completed24.02.201613
3038Witney 2Stuart Griffin£25.00 Payment Completed
3112Wolverhampton WednesdaysShaun Eaton-Lees£25.00 Payment Completed20.02.201616
2981WOODFORD WANDERERSRon Evans£25.00 Payment Completed03.03.201615
3130WORKINGTONLeigh Musgrave£25.00 Payment Completed06.03.201610

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Team Captain Booked People
3189Yeovil RecklefordJohn Stokes£25.00 Payment Completed


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