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Fri 5 May 2017
Prize Fund £18,000.00 - Entry Fee £25.00
(EPA Membership Cardholder Price £20.00)
(There will be a handling fee of £1.00 making the total price £26.00 **
EPA Membership Cardholder Total Price £20.80)
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Prize fund referred to is the prize fund at the Grand Finals.
Anyone playing pool above local league level to an alternative set of rules
(eg BlackBall) will NOT be eligible to enter this event.
Cue sport professional level players will not be permitted
in the EPA Qualifying event.

Venue: Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Tournament Director: Mike Perkins

*** CLOSED ***
Closing Date for Entries: 24.04.2017

ENTRY FORM (Order Reference - EF5C8567)

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By clicking "Submit" you are agreeing to the entry terms for this competition
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Note - your on-line entry will only be accepted when you have paid

You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal

** A small handling charge has been introduced to help cover the charges made to the EPA by the
payment processing company (eg PayPal). It is hoped that entrants will understand the need for this
and accept that it is a small price to pay in return for the increased convenience in being able to
enter these events on-line without the need to purchase a postage stamp and send a paper form in.
In addition, the entrant should receive automatic confirmation that a payment has been made.


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